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Support services

Access to a network of intermediaries

At Connect Corporate Finance we value the relationships we have built in the intermediary services arena, having strong connections is vital when supporting SMEs through transactions.

Before and after a business sale takes place, there is a requirement for a range of additional services, to ensure value is maximised for shareholders. The relationships we hold are with leading professionals such as, commercial & corporate lawyers, accountants, independent consultants, tax & wealth advisers, ensuring the advice received by our clients is of the highest quality and the transaction remains on course to complete.

Building long term, mutually beneficial relationships with other corporate advisors is of high priority to Connect Corporate Finance. Our focus on both the Freight & Recruitment sectors means we are uniquely positioned, to help other corporate advisors on any sell-side mandates, or via the sourcing of 'off market' companies for buy-side clients, we can help facilitate your mandate confidentially.

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