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What I learned at my Connect Corporate Finance internship

We were thrilled to welcome Rohan Nightingale for an 8 week summer internship, in the Recruitment & Staffing deal team. We asked him to review the key things he learned during his time with us in London.

Market Mapping and M&A Insights in Healthcare Staffing

Within the realm of healthcare recruitment, I assumed the role of an M&A intern analyst where I contributed to Connect Corporate Finance’s buy-side advisory operations. My responsibilities encompassed a comprehensive exploration of the life science staffing market, complemented by collaborative efforts with the team as I mapped the UK and US healthcare recruitment sectors. This experience afforded me insights into the spheres of research, deal origination, and deal execution. Learning and applying these skills rapidly evolved into a cornerstone of my involvement, as they became instrumental in helping assist my knowledge of how to facilitate and enhance the firm’s deal origination efforts. Ultimately, this internship highlighted and fostered a nuanced understanding of successful M&A buy-side strategies.

Central to my internship lay the intricate research and analysis that I conducted. My tasks involved navigating through streams of data pertaining to companies operating within the healthcare sector, and this exploration of statistics and figures was pivotal in understanding the healthcare recruitment landscape.

One facet of this internship involved acquiring the skills required for executing a successful market mapping operation. These competencies thus allowed me to assist Connect in identifying and strategically targeting potential acquisition targets, within the healthcare staffing domain. This intricate process entailed me reviewing the market landscape, assessing factors such as revenues, employee counts, and future exit strategies. The culmination of my efforts was evident when I witnessed the discussions and relationships Connect cultivated with its clients. I was granted the opportunity to actively participate, listen, and document meetings with the team, thereby enabling me to observe and absorb the process of mergers and acquisitions. Inclusion in these meetings, with my work being a part of the discussions, provided me with profound insights into the strategies and competencies required for the successful execution of transactions.

Hearing and learning about ideas discussed in these meetings, including takeover strategies, revenue trajectories and market trends, gave me a well-rounded understanding of the factors that inform Connect's operations.

Collaboration, Assistance & Perseverance

Throughout my internship, collaboration with the team emerged as an indispensable requirement. Their guidance provided critical insights into my work, especially since they helped me tackle the wealth of information sourced from various outlets they have at their disposal. In the pursuit of this understanding, the team highlighted the importance of unwavering persistence and the practice of consistency when engaging in dialogue with companies. I had exposure to Connect's expertise in managing client aspirations and evaluating company performance, all achieved through regular conversation with industry executives in virtual meetings and face-to-face interactions.

During my journey, the team proved to be mentors, generously providing guidance and assistance for my tasks. They steered me in the right direction by offering relevant documents and reference points, and their commitment to checking my progress underscored their dedication to delivering work of the utmost quality. The team's steadfast support in recognising the need for meticulous analysis proved vital, reinforcing the notion that excellence in M&A hinges on a commitment to precision and dedication.

A memorable phrase resonated with me from my one of my first days in the office: "persistence is king". This journey highlighted just that, the resolute commitment to advancing each project towards its intended outcome is the ultimate goal. As I reflect upon these past two months, it becomes clear that this dedication and relentless pursuit of precision are what make Connect Corporate Finance successful in their industry.

Building Knowledge, Skills, and Connections in Healthcare Recruitment Embarking on my journey in the healthcare recruitment sector presented an initially daunting prospect, as it was an area which I was totally unfamiliar with. I swiftly recognised the importance of embracing curiosity and actively seeking answers to questions I had. The team at Connect cultivated an open-door environment that encouraged and welcomed my inquiries. This accommodating and collaborative ethos facilitated a rapid assimilation of the sector and aided my understanding of healthcare recruitment.

The team's help extended beyond M&A though; they proactively created networking opportunities for me with professionals from the legal sector. In their own time, they helped set up calls and face-to-face meetings with lawyers from a variety of different firms, to help grow my personal network and understanding of the industry. This proved invaluable and has allowed me to seek future endeavours and internships with several firms.

In conclusion, my time with Connect Corporate Finance has been a transformative experience. The team's support has deepened my industry knowledge, refined my skills, and expanded my professional network, setting a solid foundation for my future pursuits. The team’s dynamic blend of excellent advice, hard work and camaraderie has fostered an environment where curiosity and collaboration thrive. As I move forward, I carry the valuable lessons, experiences, and relationships gained during this journey, confident in my ability to navigate the M&A sector with precision and a commitment to excellence.


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